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COMBINE is your benchmark.

A standardized fitness test to show you what you’re made of.


COMBINE is a fitness grading system developed by the trainers at House Fitness, made to test five facets of fitness:







You are your only competition.

At the end of the event, you walk out with a personal report card with a grade in all five areas. The card will give you focus in areas of your training moving forward.

Use it for bragging rights or keep it close to the chest — the choice is yours.


COMBINE is testing, not training

  • If  you’re a beginner, just focus on having fun and seeing how your body responds to a new challenge

  • Go into your first Combine with an open mind and focus on being present — no expectations

  • Focus on being present, not the results — remember, it’s not a competition

  • Once you finish, you can process how you felt — talk to our trainers if you have questions


Are you up for it?

Registration to COMBINE is limited to 40 participants. Register now to claim your spot.