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Personal Training

Work hard. Play hard. 

At House Fitness, we realize consistency is key to achieving any goal. The key to consistency is intrigue. Our experienced personal trainers are here to educate, motivate and support our clients in a versatile space to help them achieve a wide range of fitness goals, and to make their fitness journeys a positive experience. We are breaking barriers and making fitness fun.


Top-notch Trainers

Educate, Inspire x Support.



Josh Chessman


Josh Chessman, PTS

Josh has been pursuing his passion as a trainer for almost 10 years. Prior to House Fitness, Josh was ranked a top 10 trainers in Canada with Goodlife Fitness. His most recent accomplishment had him running a 24 hour sensory deprived endurance race, locked in a shipping container in the middle of California. Josh pushes his own mental and physical abilities and brings the same resolve to his clients.


  • Soft Tissue Release

  • DTS, Level 2

  • Functional Muscular Assessment and Graduated Educated Methods, Level 2